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Praise for Victoria's Books . . .

"Together with You is a gripping story of forgiveness, love, and family relationships that will captivate readers from the opening chapter...This is a fascinating, complex read that will not only entertain but also challenge and inform." —Booklist

"Together With You stands out with its strong characters and authentic writing from an author whose care for the topic shines within its pages. A contemporary romance that offers much more than a will-they-or-won't-they scenario, this title offers a sweet love story set within the challenges and joys everyday families face."—Christian Retailers + Resources

[In Until I Found You] Bylin . . . pens a strong character-driven story. Deftly handling the faith element, she brings an authenticity to Kate’s search and Nick’s steadfastness that will resonate with readers, regardless of their religious persuasions.—Publishers Weekly

Welcome to my writing world! I’m Victoria Bylin (aka Vicki), and I write contemporary inspirational romance for woman of all ages. My heroines are usually in their 20s, maybe a little older, but they have moms, dads, and grandparents with full lives of their own. I love exploring the generations and how they interact, particularly how time changes some things in this world but not others.

Love is a constant. So is faith.

That’s especially true of what turned into the “You” book series for Bethany House Publishers. Don’t worry about reading the books in order. They’re connected thematically rather than by continuing characters, so you can dive in with Nick and Kate in Until I Found You, or with Ryan and Carly in Together With You.  Someone Like You is a May 2016 release and features Zeke and Julia.  I feel like I’m introducing you to friends, which in a way, I am.

In addition to the contemporaries, I’ve written westerns for Love Inspired Historical and Harlequin Historical. Those titles are older and generally available only as e-books.

Past or present, my favorite kind of story explores love, faith, and romance through the lens of the spiritual 3 R’s--Redemption, Restoration, and Rebirth. My characters are usually in big trouble when a book opens, which may be why my stories are often called realistic and relatable. Who hasn’t made a mistake or two? As a writer, I love taking characters (and hopefully readers) out of those dark valleys and into the light.

I hope you enjoy your visit to my website. Check out the Books page for info on all my titles, or read about my Personal Journey in Extras. For all the latest, take a glance at my Facebook author page or follow me on Twitter. I check in on social media and would love to get to know you.


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Out Now

Someone Like You -- Victoria Bylin
Someone Like You
Bethany House Publishers
May 2016

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